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UCSD BSU Press Conference

A story that has captured national headlines, the infamous "Compton Cookout" held off-campus by members of a white fraternity at the University of California at San Diego has galvanized the UCSD Black Student Union into action. Brother David Richerson of Eta Sigma, president of the BSU, held a press conference at 10 am on February 24, 2010 at the Price Center Plaza to denounce the incident, and other subsequent racial incidents (use of the "N" word on the student-run television station).

David Richerson

Brother David Richerson

press conference crowd

Large crowd at the press conference

Brother Richerson urged the University to expel the students involved, create a "safe haven" for students of color at UCSD, spend more money on student outreach, and hire more black professors. The event was well attended, and at noon, the school held a "Teach-In," to discuss their position in detail. The students, after listening to the school administration talk for an hour or so, decided to walk out and have their own Teach-In on the steps of the Price Center plaza. Reports were that event was loud, but peaceful.

Brother Richerson has demonstrated a lot of poise in dealing with this crisis; the kind of leadership skills that Alpha men take for granted. In this case, though, we wish him well and hope the crisis is resolved in a way that ultimately benefits the black students at UCSD.

Jon and Phillip

Eta Sigma brothers Jonathan Cunha and Phillip Graham supporting their brother.