Continued Academic Excellence Program

The Continued Academic Excellence Program (CAEP) is one of Zeta Sigma Lamba's longest running programs. Designed to fulfil the requirements of the National Organizations' requirement for the "Go To High School, Go To College," the CAEP mentors and tracks students as they mature and develop in High School and continue into college. The program began in 1982 by Bro. Payton Cook, and is currently running at two Southeast San Diego high schools, Lincoln High School and Morse High School.

The program has been run ably for the last year by Bro. Jason Allen (pictured on the podium). His selfless dedication to the high ideals our organization embodies has resulted in several worthy candidates over the last few years.

The CAEP has several milestones in their process, including student-mentor conferencing, maintenance checks of the students grades with the on-site counselors, award presentations to motivate the students, and a small stipend their first semester in college to purchase books.

If you are interested in volunteering for a session, please contact Bro. Jason Allen for more details.